Steve Head, Keynote speaker, motivational presenter and coach

Training Testimonials

“Great day which was everything it “said on the tin” and more” Joe Dorman, West Sussex PCT.

“The event was truly inspirational and thought provoking and I enjoyed it very much. A BIG thank you.” Saroj Patel-Hall, FSD.

“Recently I attended the four day course at the Ramside with you – I appreciate that many people will write to you and say they  enjoyed the course – it was funny – informative etc etc – well for me it was “life changing” and I would just like to thank you for that – words actually cannot express the difference you have made to me nor express the gratitude I owe you.

I wish you and your family every success for the future – and I know my life will be much better for meeting you.”  David Smith, Directorate Accountant Tees Esk and Wear Valleys NHS Foundation Trust.


“One of the best seminars I have ever had on a training event.” - HFMA UK/USA

Feedback from Aintree Hospital Ward Managers:

  • “I have enjoyed the whole day. Did not have any idea what I was coming to. It has made me feel very inspired and motivated today. Thank you.”
  • “Brilliant Day!”
  • “A very good day, excellent in fact. Thank you for the inspiration and the laughter, a very good tonic.”
  • “To sum up this day – FANTASTIC, HEART WARMING, EYE OPENING, SPIRIT BUILDING/TEAM BUILDING and finally providing some of the most useful ideas to use in the workplace and personally outside of work. AWE inspired !!!”
  • “Want to share this with the World; Hope there will be an opportunity for clinicians to attend.”
  • “Steve (absolutely wonderful).”
  • “One of the best study days I’ve been to because its given me strategies to use…”
  • “Steve Head fantastic!! Prozac on legs! Excellent !”

“It was incredibly motivational but also taught me about how I learn, how others learn and absorb information and how we can all facilitate this in each other. The last couple of days have been life changing.” - Hilary Quarmby, Bayer

“Steve is a very inspirational trainer, who always showed several ways of looking at a situation. It was very easy to take most of the material he used and put it into real life situations, both at work and in your personal life.” - Marton Watson, GNC

“As a direct result of the work we covered, I came away feeling motivated to change the way I approach certain situations (both business and social) and have critically evaluated my current practices and made appropriate changes. Having attended many training courses in the past, I can assure you that this is not always the case.” - Dan Coombes, Bayer

“All initiatives to create an increasingly effective organisation are hugely important. The way Steve goes about this is a truly inspirational example.” - James Parker, Nutricia

“Our business experienced real benefits after two days with Steve. This isn’t your normal course where you listen and then forget what you heard.” - C Holdon, GNC

“I think the only challenge now is managing all of the passion and enthusiasm of this group and focusing their energy in a constructive manner.” - Jason Brickell, Securicor

“A real sense of purpose and determination to improve. Now we have a clear idea of what we are aiming for, aim for the same.” - Delegate, Securicor