Keynote Testimonials

Adams Grammar School.

  • “Very much appreciated by the students”
  • “They are saying how much they enjoyed it, and some really have latched onto the message by recognising how they have been unwilling to sell themselves in the past”
  • “Much hilarity, verging on being manic with a simple message”
  • “He was so so good”

“Thank you for your inspiring presentation at our recent conference. The delegates really loved your session and definitely felt inspired. It was good to see you again and thank you for fitting us into your busy schedule. Overall the conference has been very well evaluated and your contribution certainly helped to make it so!” Dr Geraldine Walters, Executive Director of Nursing & Midwifery, King’s College Hospital.

CIPD Exhibition & Conference.

“I heard you speak at the CIPD conference in Manchester last week and wanted to drop you a line to let you know how great it was. As I got home much later that night, tired and hungry, I was annoyed to see that my husband had left the curtains open with the lights on so that everyone can see in the house so was all set to give him a piece of my mind.  As I walked in, he was ironing all of my shirts for me and I could smell my dinner in the oven.  I very quickly remembered your words and simply thanked him with a hug for making my life so much easier. It is common sense!”  Melanie Wheeler, Xchanging

ISMM Successful Selling.

  • I would just like to say that I found you very Inspiring yesterday at the ISMM Seminar – Thank you – Nathan Allen
  • Saw you at the ISMM event yesterday and think you are one of the most inspriational people I have seen – Corina Glanrid-Jones
  • Steve, very much enjoyed your presentation at Successful Selling yesterday. Great Job! For me it was the best session of the day! Loved the humour and energy in your approach. Your book is on my xmas wish list! – Trevor Lever
  • Just a very quick thank you for your fantastic performance at Successful Selling 2010 yesterday (Thursday). Star of the show… if not one of the best from all the Successful Selling events… and I’ve covered 14 or so… The surprise turn… a simple message delivered very effectively…. Paul Ashbury , Director – Focus On Networking Ltd
  • Really enjoyed your talk on Thursday at Successful Selling 2010. Focussing on the positives from now on! – Roberto Monfardini (LION)
  • Outstanding performance at the ISMM Conference. Simple yet important message delivered with humour, passion and insight – Chris Brindley
  • Hi Steve, thanks for an entertaining and thoughtful afternoon session last week at ISMM. I left feeling ‘loved’ and have recommended you for our own sales conference – Roxanne Halliday, L&Q
  • Can I say how much I enjoyed your slot last week at the successful selling conference 🙂 Still smiling – Amanda Driffell, Ipsen

“Many thanks for the talk you gave at Webbs Breakfast earlier today – most excellent! I particularily associate the sporting background – I played cricket & table tennis to a high standard in my youth. Both taught me discipline, mastering the basics, will to compete & if I ever lost (which I did, lots) to hate losing but acknowledge that I did my best & shake hands with my opponent.” Julian Powell, Business Director, Hallmark Hulme.

“I wanted to drop you a note to say how impressed I was with Steve Head’s recent keynote at PSA in the Northeast. Steve was quite simply amazing.  His topic really resonated with me as it is very close to that covered in my book “Talent Liberation”.  Steve’s performance was the best I have ever heard at our chapter in the seven years I’ve been associated with it, including 2004-6 when I was chapter president.  I would strongly commend him for a keynote at the PSA Annual Convention.” Clive Wilson, Deputy Chairman, Primeast.

“I was at the NHS event in Bolton in November and just wanted to say I thought you were extremely entertaining but more than that I really felt that not only did you make people laugh but you also made them think – and hopefully act! Without doubt one of the best presentations I have seen!!” Ben Cross, Planning Officer, BFW Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

“Just wanted to thank you so much for your presentation yesterday, it was truly amazing. Everyone I spoke to felt energised & could relate to all the emotions you described. I personally got so much from it, & will certainly apply the GOB principles in future & also start to collate a GOB file. You truly are an inspiration & I hope to be able to arrange more workshops/seminars with you in the future.” Lynne Barton, Associate Director, Advancing Quality Team, Northwest NHS.

“Just a very quick thank you for your fantastic performance at Successful Selling 2010 yesterday. Star of the show… if not one of the best from all the Successful Selling events… and I’ve covered 14 or so…The surprise turn… a simple message delivered very effectively….” Paul Ashbury, Director – Focus On Networking Ltd, ISMM Successful Selling.

BOC Conference.

  • Steve Head session was uplifting and motivating
  • Steve Head was also good value for money. Engaging and energetic with some strong messages which was just right for the end of the day.
  • Steve Head was excellent, just the right level
  • The Steve Head session was good and left a lasting impression.
  • Steve Head was very good – very entertaining and lots of energy to complete the day
  • Steve Head was a great speaker, and an excellent contribution to the workshop.

“Just wanted to say a huge thank you for the session yesterday.   We did not get chance to catch up over dinner but I felt it important to at the very least drop you an email.    The session reinforced some of the things I do already but gave me the kick I needed to take more responsibility for achieving what I want  – I am 50 next year so a good a milestone as any to aim for achieving my goals. Thank you for a dynamic, energetic and mindful session!!” Sarah Frost, Quality Improvement Consultant, Lilly.

“I have not in all my years of listening to speakers in a commercial environment enjoyed a two hour session more.Neither have i have ever had such good feedback from the delegates themselves. You have a very rare talent to coach, teach and explore that makes the journey for the learner safe and inspiring.I’m not sure you know how very good you are.” Nigel Cotterill, Managing Director, SGI Ltd.

“Thank you for the Away Day yesterday. The whole day was very enjoyable, stimulating and thought-provoking. Steve Head’s sessions kept attention and interest throughout by his method of delivery and inclusion of the audience and his humour. I will definitely be using the principles outlined yesterday in my day to day work.” Anne Tighe,  Clinical Matron, Manchester Heart Centre, Manchester Royal Infirmary.

“Just a quick email to say a big thank you for yesterday.  Absolutely brilliant, not only have I not laughed so much (love the irish accountant bit) but its a long time since I came away from anything feeling so upbeat.  I’ve recommended you to several people including my brother in Somerset! Thanks for signing the book too!” Maxine Featherstone, Royal Bolton Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

“Many thanks for such a great session.  You were the perfect start to our Management Development Programme and inspired everyone.  Your energy and enthusiasm rubbed off on us all and left us feeling really positive and full of self belief! You delivered what we needed and more, so thank you very much!” Brigid Cattle, Norman Hay.

“I just wanted to GOB on you following the most inspiring session I have ever had the pleasure of attending! You are remarkable and have given me a huge amount of clarity (not so much “common sense”) as to how to behave but also to believe. In your session I was close to tears in laughter (particularly the angry, overstressed Irish Health specialist story), but also in the pain and emotions you must have endeared in your life.” Ross Dimmock, Regional Director – Europe, TAM International.

“I would like to thank you for such a fantastic talk at the nursing and midwifery conference. I was one of the few midwives there and am a ward manager at the hospital. I found your session a real eye opener and it certainly motivated me and encouraged me to see things from a different perspective,I have always been one of the “that sum is wrong” brigade but am going to go with the look at what we have done right and well. The messages you gave over were positive, clear and presented in a way which everyone could relate to. I could certainly name a few mood hoovers! The idea of starting a GOB folder is brilliant. Thank you again for a truly motivational afternoon. I have even tried the handcuffs on the children and husband!!!!” Melanie Whitfield, Midwife & Ward Manager, Royal Berkshire Hospital.

“I’d sum up the session as “superb stand up comedy with a subliminal business focus, which energized all who heard Steve speak.” Rosie Salkeld, Communications Manager , Thrive Homes.

“Homes for Haringey held its first Staff Conference in December 09 with a mop up session in April 2010; we’ve had overwhelmingly positive feedback from our staff on Steve’s sessions who described them as “inspirational and uplifting”, “inspiring”, “great”, “extremely interesting” and “brilliant”. Steve’s energy and commitment to his audience were impressive. The motivational tips and tools he gave to over 700 of our staff from very different professional backgrounds have resonated with us ever since. They have in fact created a common platform of interest and commitment across the organisation towards personal development.  Our thanks to Steve for his support and contribution the success of our events.” Bibi Khan, Project Manager, Homes for Haringey.

“Before the conference my sceptical boss was giving me a hard time –“Who is this Steve Head guy you’ve booked? Not just another motivational speaker I hope?”. Finding the auditorium festooned with bits of string led to more raised eyebrows. But he was totally captivated by Steve’s performance and we now have our own GOB file prominently displayed in the office. We would certainly recommend Steve as a highly entertaining speaker with a powerful message, much appreciated by our delegates.” Carolyn Williams, Head of Thought Leadership, IRM

“I really enjoyed your presentation. It was inspiring and to show I have opened the book I am planning to be in the 20 pc”  Head of Group Risk,  Amlin Plc

 The following comments were from a recent keynote I delivered to an NHS audience (accountants). What I had forgotten was that Kriss Akabusi was on at the same event so I am very proud of this response to my session

  • Entertaining and thought provoking!
  • Very uplifting experience
  • Excellent doesn’t cover it! This was the best conference session I have ever been too. Steve Head’s presentation style was so good, that it didn’t even seem like a development event at the time, yet prompted me to ask myself some pertinent questions – thus achieving what it needed to do. It was that good that not only would I love to go to another event where he was the speaker; I would even go and see the same presentation again. Well done HFMA
  • Totally inspiring session – great choice of speaker
  • Very funny, witty, entertaining – brilliant!!
  • This was an excellent presentation!!! My only hope is that the folks take on board what he said and go back to the workplace and motivate their staff positively. Fantastic!!
  • Awesome!!!!! HFMA Scotland Branch hit the bull’s eye when they signed up Steve Head. His personal insight and sharing was truly inspirational… FANTASTIC!!!!!!
  • Awesome!
  • I thought Steve’s presentation was very good and gave us information and techniques which can be used in everyday life. I have already been using these since Thursday.
  • The afternoon session by Steve Head was one of the highlights of the event for me. He was inspiring, full of energy and was bang on target with his insights. I was truly impressed by his time with us and bought his book afterwards to share with family and work colleagues. An a* performance
  • I found Steve’s session excellent – If there were a category above ‘excellent’ I’d be ticking it. This guy was brilliant! His material, his presentation style, his overall message – were all spot on. I’ve been to many conferences over my professional career and this is probably one on the best sessions ever
  • Very entertaining and great subject matter
  • Fantastic! Really enjoyed the session
  • I thought this session was very thought provoking and I learned new coping skills that will benefit not only my professional life but also my personal life
  • Have already read through half of Steve’s book. I would love to have all of my staff experience something like this. Steve was so down to earth and it was easy to relate to the subject matter
  • Very entertaining and thought provoking
  • Brilliant speaker, extremely easy to listen to, and very thought provoking.
  • This was the best afternoon I have had in a very long time
  • A very energetic performance
  • Truly inspirational… inspiring and uplifting
  • A very entertaining and thought provoking afternoon


This was in Coventry to 150 Sales Reprentatives,  Sales Managers, and IT Managers from Housing associations and local government orgs:

“We always use a motivational guest speaker to close our customer conference and last year we used someone who had a personal story to tell. This year we wanted something totally different to try and leave the audience with some practical, real life take-away tips and pointers after a busy two day conference. Steve’s humorous and down to earth delivery was an instant hit with our audience of 150 and the impact will clearly help many implement some of the ideas not only in the work place but also in their personal lives. What I particularly liked about Steve was the way he interacted with the audience and drove his speech based on their response – a very dynamic presentation. We had instant feedback on Steve’s approach and overall delivery with several people leaving the auditorium adopting one of his techniques for self expression – “Walking across the car park with their hands in the air” – You’ll have to book him to understand what this means. I would recommend Steve to any organisation that is looking to add something different, innovative and thought provoking to any conference or seminar.” Andy Gough, Sales Manager, Orchard Information Systems.

Shire Pharmaceuticals used me for their annual conference in front of 200 reps

“Thanks for a great 2 days last week.  I have been impressed with the feedback.  You really gave the attendees some great approaches and thought processes, which I hope many of them will bring to the fore. This was a radical programme for Shire.  Your experience in the industry really added tremendous value to the sessions because you were able to leverage experiences that were immediately understood by the majority of the audience.  Not only was the content pertinent, but your high energy delivery and approach meant it was entertaining and stimulating at the same time. We will purchase your book and circulate accordingly and look forward to the CD too.” Director, Hospital Business Unit, Shire UK

This is an RBM commenting several months after the event. Its all very well making a group of sales people feel great but what about the implementation.

Motivational Speaker National Meeting: “Chris organized this speaker he had very good ideas with regard to “mind sets” he was relevant and inspirational. Again he had been well briefed with regard to the “mood” of the team. The speaker had good follow up after the meeting with personal mailings to the team. I still here team members refer to the points that they took from him, such as “being in the zone” and not dwelling in the past and moving on. This session was very interactive and well organized and even cynical members of the team took something that was relevant to their own business away with them. The meeting helped to change individuals who may have been negative” RBM Shire

“I can highly recommend Steve Head to other managers seeking an inspirational speaker.  Steve presented to my business unit team (approx 24 people) at our December meeting and utterly inspired them.  He spoke about individuals managing their own response to change and how they can take responsibility to improve their own performance on a day to day level.  He was very engaging, used a number of ‘games’ to illustrate key points and made a lasting impact.” Director of Neurology, GSK

“Your feedback was excellent; everyone commented that your talk was probably the best they have ever seen. See you again” Joe Teape, Finance Director of Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust