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Performance Coach to the England Wheelchair Rugby World Champions 
International Speaker

A Dynamic Speaker with Practical Ideas that Simply Work!

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‘One of my all-time favourite speakers, we book time & time again! Steve always delivers an unrivalled memorable, first class experience with energy, practical take-aways and guaranteed laughter. 
A genuine event organiser's dream, he's professional, does his research & exceeds expectations every time he steps on stage! 

A wizard of positivity & creating a resilient growth mindset. If I could bottle Steve's magic, passion & empathy, the world will be a better place! A gent, a friend & someone that makes me feel I can make a difference’

Steve Lindsey, Event Director, National Sales Conference

Throughout my career spanning some 38 years in the NHS, I have attended a lot of conferences, but today has, by some margin, exceeded my expectations. Simply put, magic!

Steve created magic in a room of jaded and demoralised health professionals. 220 people came with heads held low and left full of enthusiasm and heads held proud and high.

Armed with a variety of techniques to support resilience in an ever fraught working environment, we can listen to our “inner chimp”,  think more positively  by thinking 149 and NOT 15, but I would go one step further after this session with Steve and I would say it is simple;

we all need to “ be a bit more Steve”.


Rachel Stanton, Deputy Director or Nursing and Quality, Yorkshire NHS

Steve Head is a full-time speaker, inspirational trainer, coach, and author.


Steve created the Steve Head Ltd speaking and coaching company following 16 years experience in the field of business/sales management, people leadership and product marketing and training. His knowledge and skill take a broader spectrum when considering his 40+ years’ experience as a top sports coach.


Over the past 21years, Steve has delivered over 3000 sessions in the UK and Europe to help organisations, teams and individuals deliver sustained personal, team and business success, and is now one of the most sought-after speakers in the UK. 


He is known by his clients as a dynamic speaker with practical ideas that simply work. 


Steve also coaches several executive team members to enhance personal impact, and is also coach to the England Wheelchair Rugby League World Champions 2022,  and BBCs Strictly Come Dancing.


Audiences will experience fast paced interactive and practical sessions.

Sector Specific Motivation

Steve has worked with NHS Managerial & Clinical staff, the Academy for Chief Executives, the Institute of Sales & Marketing Management, Denplan / Simply Health, Haringey Council, Vodafone, various pharmaceutical companies, Schools, the University of Strathyclyde, and Vlerick Business School among others. He is also coach of the England Wheelchair Rugby league team.


Steve Head Testimonial
Steve Head Testimonial Video


“A real sense of purpose and determination to improve. Now we have a clear idea of what we are aiming for, aim for the same.”

Delegate, Securicor

“Many thanks for what I would say was the best session I have ever attended. The style and innovative approach on how to coach and train others was enjoyable and enlightening. I have taken a lot away from the session.”

Steve Jadhav, Bayer

“Steve Head was fantastic, impactful, and interactive. Compelling listening and in my book, believable. Steve’s authenticity comes through as his own work and no one else’s.”

Kriss Akabusi MBE

“The event was truly inspirational and thought provoking and I enjoyed it very much. A BIG thank you.”

Saroj Patel-Hall, FSD

“One of the best seminars I have ever had on a training event.”


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