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NHS Motivational Speaker

Steve is a full time inspirational speaker, trainer, coach and author.

50% of Steve’s work is with the N.H.S. Over the past 18 years he has worked with 1000’s of professionals ranging from nurses and clinicians, to managers and finance directorates, helping teams and individuals to cope with a changing environment.


By helping build personal resilience, celebrating successes, and enabling staff to work under pressure the N.H.S can continue to deliver world class health care.

Steve coaches a number of executive team members to enhance personal impact.

Each session with Steve will be uniquely tailored to deliver your key messages.

The Experience:

  • ​Fast paced and practical

  • Builds on talent

  • Helps increase resilience

  • Maximises personal and team performance

  • By the end of the session the audience will feel uplifted, optimistic and will be able to apply at least one idea immediately.

“Congratulations on such an excellent session! I feel that I need to let you know how much I enjoyed today’s training – I have never experienced so much energy, enthusiasm and humour from a speaker! I am looking forward to putting the key principles of your talk into practice both professionally and personally in the future.”

Sharon Woods, Clinical Manger

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