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  • Most memorable, topical, to the point and full of humour and energy
    "I have been lucky enough to watch Steve, a few times in the past at various conferences. His sessions are always some of the most memorable, topical, to the points and full of humour and energy. We decided to book Steve for a Managers conference, and it was just as brilliant as we would have hoped. He had the room engaged (not a mobile phone in sight!), motivated and his energy and humour cascaded through the room. Steve took the time prior to the conference to learn about a business, but then sit through a morning of leadership presentations as a member of the team. This allowed him to learn even more about our business and people would you like to fit into stock to give it bespoke feeling of understanding and made him appear to be an extended member of the team. Highly recommend." Scott Hamilton-Cooper, Chief Commercial Officer, AX-UK
  • I can't recommend Steve highly enough
  • A born presenter
    “Steve Head’s unique style had the audience guffawing while he taught us about the 149 effect and GOB. Feedback has been outstanding – he is a born presenter and we hope to work with him again” Alison Mayhew Provide NHS
  • Get him back next year!
    “I invited Steve along to a critical Sales event to help a large team of new business managers overcome personal challenges and barriers to success. Steve’s presentation was outstanding…engaging, motivating, hilarious and thought provoking whilst delivering a number of ‘gifts’ to help the team approach challenging situations as they move into our new financial year. The feedback has been exceptional from delegates not to mention a number of requests from the leadership team to get him back next year! Outstanding!” Jane Rowe Brakes
  • You're fantastic at what you do
    “Thank you for being our guest speaker at the conference; we have had nothing but positive feedback following your talk, especially from the directors and managers of Simplyhealth. I think this is the 4th time Denplan have used you at one of our events and every time you manage to capture the audience and have them leaving the room buzzing ready for the challenges ahead of them. I know a number of people have tweeted you and many more have requested clips of the video recording- which just shows, you're fantastic at what you do.” Juilanne Ediss, Events Coordinator, Denplan
  • He is simply the BEST!
    "I first heard Steve Head at a Headteachers conference in 2010. I was a delegate but also looking for speakers for the conference I organise for school leaders in Lancashire. I have employed several nationally recognised speakers to address the conference. Steve Head is quite simply an exceptional speaker! From the moment I first heard him I had to book him! He is a very engaging speaker who has a very relevant message for school leaders, teachers and all school staff! He did address our conference in 2012 and again( by delegate’s request ) in 2013! We have booked him again for 2014! He is simply that good and worth every penny! This year’s conference was a sell out just on the fact that Steve was speaking. Steve has an interactive style based on his experiences in management. He has a message that delegates relate to and can use. This includes building quality teams to lead based on positive relationships, a strong vision and motivation. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Steve Head to speak to Education and school conferences. He is simply the BEST!" David Fann Headteacher
  • A fantastic speaker and a truly inspirational person
    “I’ve been to a lot of sessions conducted by motivational speakers and I have to say Steve sticks in the memory. I often find myself thinking of the things Steve said on a daily basis and that’s when I know I definitely took something on board. Having worked in our industry before he related and connected with the audience and you could see them warm to him straight away. His stories are engaging and he always has a point to them that is pertinent. Steve is also very comfortable on stage – he owns that room and has people hanging on his every word. I think every time I see him now, I am going to have to give him a standing ovation because that’s how my salesforce showed their appreciation to what was a fantastic talk. I would love to work with Steve again, without a doubt. A fantastic speaker and a truly inspirational person.” Hiran Bhuya BSc (Hons), ACIM VIMOVO Brand Manager, AstraZeneca.
  • One of the most successful speakers
    “Steve is arguably one of the most successful speakers in the UK for several years!” Graham Davies, top coach and TV presenter.
  • Steve Head was fantastic
    “Steve Head was fantastic, impactful, and interactive. Compelling listening and in my book, believable. Steve’s authenticity comes through as his own work and no one else’s” Kriss Akabusi MBE
  • Such positive feedback following your talk
    “It was a pleasure to meet you yesterday – we have had such positive feedback following your talk. We thoroughly enjoyed your presentation and hopefully the team have learned a lot from it!” Lorraine Miller, IIAA.
  • CIPD Exhibition - wanted to let you know how great it was
    CIPD Exhibition & Conference. “I heard you speak at the CIPD conference in Manchester last week and wanted to drop you a line to let you know how great it was. As I got home much later that night, tired and hungry, I was annoyed to see that my husband had left the curtains open with the lights on so that everyone can see in the house so was all set to give him a piece of my mind. As I walked in, he was ironing all of my shirts for me and I could smell my dinner in the oven. I very quickly remembered your words and simply thanked him with a hug for making my life so much easier. It is common sense!” Melanie Wheeler, Xchanging
  • ISMM Successful Selling - One of the most inspirational people
    "I would just like to say that I found you very Inspiring yesterday at the ISMM Seminar – Thank you." Nathan Allen --------- "Saw you at the ISMM event yesterday and think you are one of the most inspirational people I have seen." Corina Glanrid-Jones --------- "Steve, very much enjoyed your presentation at Successful Selling yesterday. Great Job! For me it was the best session of the day! Loved the humour and energy in your approach. Your book is on my xmas wish list!" Trevor Lever --------- "Just a very quick thank you for your fantastic performance at Successful Selling 2010. Star of the show… if not one of the best from all the Successful Selling events… and I’ve covered 14 or so… The surprise turn… a simple message delivered very effectively." Paul Ashbury , Director – Focus On Networking Ltd --------- "Really enjoyed your talk on Thursday at Successful Selling 2010. Focussing on the positives from now on!" Roberto Monfardini (LION) --------- "Outstanding performance at the ISMM Conference. Simple yet important message delivered with humour, passion and insight." Chris Brindley --------- "Hi Steve, thanks for an entertaining and thoughtful afternoon session last week at ISMM. I left feeling ‘loved’ and have recommended you for our own sales conference." Roxanne Halliday, L&Q --------- "Can I say how much I enjoyed your slot last week at the successful selling conference 🙂 Still smiling." Amanda Driffell, Ipsen
  • Without doubt one of the best presentations I have seen!!
    “I was at the NHS event in Bolton in November and just wanted to say I thought you were extremely entertaining but more than that I really felt that not only did you make people laugh but you also made them think – and hopefully act! Without doubt one of the best presentations I have seen!!” Ben Cross, Planning Officer, BFW Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.
  • Steve Head was just brilliant – please bring him back!
    “I am writing on behalf of the NLCFN Committee to thank you very much for giving a motivational session at NLCFN. Your session was a great way to finish off the two days and feedback has been excellent, here are a few “GOBs” for your file! Excellent motivation speaker Steve Head – Brilliant! Bring back Steve Head – Brilliant! Loved Steve Head – very helpful talk Steve Head was just brilliant – please bring him back! Good to end on a high with Steve Sometimes feel a bit low not able to pursue projects … after Steve’s presentation I will focus on one area to implement into our practice. Your valuable contribution and giving your time and boundless energy is very much appreciated.” Dawn Mckinley, NLCFN
  • Your help and support has done the trick
    “I want to thank you for breaking my fear of interviews, your help and support has done the trick and quite possibly has landed me with job which far outreaches my expectations!!” Anne Symon, General Manager Emergency Care, United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust.
  • A pleasure to see so much energy and vitality
    Women’s Health Staff from MSD attending Presentation Coaching Session "It was such a pleasure to see so much energy and vitality, creating an I can and I will mentality.” “If on a bad day, you can generate just a fraction of that energy, hey you have got no problems at all! I have already created that mental line, which once crossed, it's all Positive thinking.” “Steve was fanbloodytastic and I’d watch that video again!!!!!!” “I thought Steve bought a buzz into the room. He made everybody laugh by talking about events that were true to life! I certainly took some things onboard, and how important it is to look at the positive things we do and work on those! It was a refreshing change to listen to someone without going through loads of slides! “Steve’s passion was contagious!! :)”
  • 110%
    “Congratulations, Steve, on another outstanding presentation. There was one 100% and one 110%. Excellent. These are just some of the comments. What more can I say?” "An interesting spin on coaching.” “Fantastic.” “Brought together a lot of things I’ve been looking at.” “Positive works and I can apply it right away”. Richard Bosworth, TEC Chairman
  • Best session I have ever attended
    “Many thanks for what I would say was the best session I have ever attended. The style and innovative approach on how to coach and train others was enjoyable and enlightening. I have taken a lot away from the session.” Steve Jadhav, Bayer
  • Your input really has made a big difference
    “Your input really has made a big difference to the level of confidence and impact our presenters now have on stage. We are looking forward to working with you on our next conference programme and helping to build the coaching capacity of our line managers.” Rob Wood, AstraZeneca
  • Very impressed with the coaching
    “I was absolutely delighted at the results of the coaching you provided to the presenters. I felt you very quickly understood the capabilities and limitations of all involved and provided individualised coaching to improve performance. I was personally very impressed with the coaching you gave me which I think significantly improved my performance on the stage.” Neale Belson, Sales Director, Astra Zeneca
  • Bang on point as usual
    Having experienced your input to team development previously, you were bang on point as usual and whilst it was great to see some of the tried and tested subject matter, you have a great grasp of the post-Covid environment and have a fascinating range of memories and recent experiences to draw on. Absolutely something for everyone in there and your connection with the audience was very positive. Your energy and enthusiasm for pressing your messages home, is astounding and when you consider the length of your journey and the challenges of the nearly all-day session, you are a credit to looking after yourself and an excellent role model. Bob Champion, Chief People Officer, Bradford District Care NHF Foundation Trust
  • For me it was “life changing”
    “Recently I attended the four day course at the Ramside with you – I appreciate that many people will write to you and say they enjoyed the course – it was funny – informative etc. etc. – well for me it was “life changing” and I would just like to thank you for that – words actually cannot express the difference you have made to me nor express the gratitude I owe you. I wish you and your family every success for the future – and I know my life will be much better for meeting you.” David Smith, Directorate Accountant Tees Esk and Wear Valleys NHS Foundation Trust
  • Truly inspirational and thought provoking
    “The event was truly inspirational and thought provoking and I enjoyed it very much. A BIG thank you.” Saroj Patel-Hall, FSD
  • Everything it “said on the tin” and more
    “Great day which was everything it “said on the tin” and more” Joe Dorman West Sussex PCT
  • One of the best seminars
    “One of the best seminars I have ever had on a training event.” HFMA UK/USA
  • It was incredibly motivational
    Feedback from Aintree Hospital Ward Managers: “I have enjoyed the whole day. Did not have any idea what I was coming to. It has made me feel very inspired and motivated today. Thank you.” “Brilliant Day!” “A very good day, excellent in fact. Thank you for the inspiration and the laughter, a very good tonic.” “To sum up this day – FANTASTIC, HEART WARMING, EYE OPENING, SPIRIT BUILDING/TEAM BUILDING and finally providing some of the most useful ideas to use in the workplace and personally outside of work. AWE inspired !!!” “Want to share this with the World; Hope there will be an opportunity for clinicians to attend.” “Steve (absolutely wonderful).” “One of the best study days I’ve been to because its given me strategies to use…” “Steve Head fantastic!! Prozac on legs! Excellent !” “It was incredibly motivational but also taught me about how I learn, how others learn and absorb information and how we can all facilitate this in each other. The last couple of days have been life changing.” Hilary Quarmby, Bayer
  • Steve is a very inspirational trainer
    “Steve is a very inspirational trainer, who always showed several ways of looking at a situation. It was very easy to take most of the material he used and put it into real life situations, both at work and in your personal life.” Marton Watson, GNC
  • I came away feeling motivated to change
    “As a direct result of the work we covered, I came away feeling motivated to change the way I approach certain situations (both business and social) and have critically evaluated my current practices and made appropriate changes. Having attended many training courses in the past, I can assure you that this is not always the case.” Dan Coombes, Bayer
  • A truly inspirational example
    “All initiatives to create an increasingly effective organisation are hugely important. The way Steve goes about this is a truly inspirational example.” James Parker, Nutricia
  • This isn’t your normal course
    “Our business experienced real benefits after two days with Steve. This isn’t your normal course where you listen and then forget what you heard.” C Holdon, GNC
  • All of the passion and enthusiasm
    “I think the only challenge now is managing all of the passion and enthusiasm of this group and focusing their energy in a constructive manner.” Jason Brickell, Securicor
  • A real sense of purpose and determination
    “A real sense of purpose and determination to improve. Now we have a clear idea of what we are aiming for, aim for the same.” Delegate, Securicor
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